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Max Polyakov and Murka - The Russian Cat

For his 21st birthday, Max Polyakov decided to travel to Russia, the land of his birth to experience more of the Russian culture. It was also his dream to get properly acquainted with the classical art and literature. Max Polyakov was raised in the United States but he never lost touch with his Russian roots due to the way his parents brought him up. Both he and his brother spoke fluent Russian although they had only been in Russia five times in their whole lives.
Max was a lover of the arts, especially Russian art. His deep interest in the literature and the classical art of his people made him go on to study it in the university. He found out that it made him happy. Choosing to go to Russia just to have a hands-on experience with the arts was a big deal to him and so he contacted his aunt Katalina in Russia to help him to plan his visit.
Aunt Katalina was excited to hear from her nephew and was especially happy to learn that he wanted to spend his birthday with his Russian family members. She had a special love for the two boys and was excited to have whichever one of them at her house for a long period of time. She quickly began to put measures in place to ensure that Max's visit would be one to remember. Once these plans were in place, she went on to convince Max's parents to allow him to make the trip. This was not too difficult, seeing that Max Polyakov had the opportunity to choose how he would like to celebrate his birthday, and also that he had already come of age.

Max Travels to Russia

June 21st was the set date to make the trip. Max Polyakov took the thirteen-hour flight to Russia and was especially excited to meet his loving Aunty. He knew that his aunt Katalina would have prepared so many goodies for him upon his arrival.

The plane ride was indeed long and Max Polyakov was exhausted when it was over. He got off the plane and run to meet his aunty like a little boy. It would be easy to forget that he was turning twenty-one in a few days time. The visit to Russia was expected to be for four weeks, and Aunt Katalina has already prepared a tight itinerary for Max so that he can truly visit all the beautiful places in St. Petersburg, then in Moscow.

Max Rescues A Kitten

It was during one of these visits that Max Polyakov chanced upon a sickly looking kitten just at the side of the road. The kitten was black and white with closed eyes. Max immediately felt pity for the creature and decided to take it home. His aunt Katalina was not very enthused about his decision and tried to talk him out of it. She did not succeed. By the time they realised, they were trying to find what was necessary in order for the kitten to make the trip back home. Max Polyakov named the kitten Murka and started to take great care of her.

What was required of him was to get the necessary documents for her travel as well as take her to have various vaccinations. It was during one of these check-ups that Max learned that he had to leave Murka in Russia for six months before she would be cleared to make the trip. Max Polyakov immediately cancelled all his plans and decided to stay with Murka.

Max And Murka Go Home

Max managed to finish all these processes just before the new year and they took the next available flight back to the States. Max’s parents fell in love with Murka as soon as they saw her and adopted her into the family. Max Polyakov’s Murka continued to live happily ever after..

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